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It grows prickly burrs, which begin as small green pods and later dry out, becoming brown 2019-06-05 2019-07-29 2021-03-01 Medicago nigra subsp. microcarpa (Urban) Bolòs & Vigo: Medicago nigra subsp. nigra (Linnaeus) Krocker: Medicago pentacycla: de Candolle: Medicago polycarpa: Willdenow: Medicago polymorpha subsp. hispida (Gärtner) Ponert: Medicago polymorpha subsp.

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scutellata L. V. Medicago rigidula (L.) All. Rod: Medicago. Familija: Fabaceae. Red: Fabales Medicago polymorpha var. muricata L. Medicago polymorpha var. rigidula L. den Medicago polymorpha (regniga alfalfa ), den Medicago arborea (trädalfalfa ) och Medicago falcata (gul alfalfa ) är andra arter alfalfa. Det finns till och med  medicago polymorpha , me štaucher , S. m .

Lectotypified by Lassen, in Turland & C. E. Jarvis, Taxon 46: 475. 1997. Medicago polymorpha var.


Medicago polymorpha · Ecology. An annual found in open sandy and gravelly habitats by the coast.

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en med land  Medicago polymorpha L.; Medicago polymorpha. 153. MEDIC_SAT_VAR Medicago sativa L. nothosubsp.

Medicago polymorpha

Medicago polymorpha is a herbaceous legume that is native to western and central Asia and countries around the Mediterranean, and has been introduced widely around the world. It is found in particular in regions with a Mediterranean climate, but is by no means confined to them. Medicago Species: polymorpha Family: Fabaceae Life Cycle: Annual Country Or Region Of Origin: Europe, Asia, Africa; Whole Plant Traits: Plant Type: Annual Weed Growth Rate: Rapid Maintenance: High; Fruit: Fruit Color: Black Gray/Silver Fruit Type: Legume Fruit Description: Prickly gray black cylidrical and coiled with burs that attach to fur for dispersal. Tagglusern Medicago polymorpha L. Vetenskapliga synonym: M. denticulata Willd., M. hispida Gaertn., M. nigra Krock. Svenska synonym: kroklusern, tagglucern Medicago polymorpha is a nutritious and palatable forage and vegetable plant that also fixes nitrogen. Here, we reveal the chromosome-scale genome sequence of M. polymorpha using an integrated approach including Illumina, PacBio and Hi-C technologies. We combined PacBio full-length RNA-seq, metabolo … Medicago polymorpha (California burclover) is a perennial/annual forb/herb (family Fabaceae) found throughout California in disturbed areas such as pastures, roadsides and vacant lots.
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Medicago polymorpha

Medicago polymorpha is a plant species of the genus Medicago.

Medicago polymorpha is a ANNUAL growing to 0.6 m (2ft). It is not frost tender. It is in flower from May to August, and the seeds ripen from July to September.
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1963. Medicago denticulata Willdenow, var. brevispina Bentham 1826.

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